Push Play

by Sara Niemietz

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All is quiet in the city streets tonight. And the shadows on the pavement dance around me in the light. A man comes up to me. He says, “Hey, what’s your name?” I tell him I’m going on my way and he should do the same. Try to think of what to say, but the words have all abandoned me today. What is a girl to do when all she knew is gone before her eyes? Don’t ever try to roam beyond your home. It’s dangerous outside. Right when you think you’ve found the way, You’re bound to go astray. And if you’re really wise, you’ll realize, It’s dangerous outside. Moving on, I cross the alley to my right. But the footsteps there behind me keep on stirring in the night. I turn the corner there and what a sight to see. An empty street and a pair of eyes are staring back at me. Try to hurry on my way, but the big, bad wolf is calling me to play.
Evening 03:25
In the corner of the evening When there’s not a soul around If you close your eyes and listen You will hear a funny sound As it calls across the darkness Past the break of distant shores It will cut across the silence Break the locks upon the doors And as the music starts to sway It will take you away When the music’s all around you There’s no hope for a retreat You’ll surrender to the rhythm Disappear into the beat
Go To Bed 03:38
Lights flicker as the people upstairs jump around. Cascade of stucco is raining down on me. Loud thumping from a couple of pairs of gym shoes. Stereo bursting with a crazy beat. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t know what I’m gonna say. Because I don’t want you over my head. I’d rather live without you instead. Can’t think straight; I’m going brain dead. So would you please, please, please, please go to bed? Go to bed. Wild parties seem to be in full swing all the time. Laughter erupting; coming from the sky. And I’m searching just to find a little bit of solitude. Sound interrupting me every time I try.
Rooftops 03:39
Standing on rooftops Watching the stars in the sky Clouds telling stories As they pass on by Up in the heavens This world looks so small Makes you wonder If it’s even real at all When everything gets crowded There’s one place you can go Why stay on the ground Where the magic is missing? Why not head up to the sky where the worries all fly away Just go up there where no one cares what you say or do Up on rooftops; the world stops Sitting on pavement Watching the cars going by Noise and confusion Can’t shake it if you try Down in the city All the rules to obey Stop the words You’re always fighting just to say
Anomala 03:20
I’d love to tell you What you want to hear Crystal words, so clear Something warm and dear Like a candle On a stormy night – Shine a bit of light Let you know it’s all okay When all is done and said But there’s nothing When I dial the phone And you’re never home So I guess I’m prone To go searching Looking through the street For the tracks of feet – That always seem to roam So far ahead. Like shadows racing down the boulevard The Night is falling like a house of cards The Wind is howling at a lonely moon, but the sun will come tomorrow just to shake away the gloom… again, oh my friend. Perhaps the table is already set and all your needs are met But I’d place a bet That the stories I have heard are true As they point to you And they’re darker and more blue Than the deepest sea That turns and tosses like a funny dream That churns and sloshes like a slot machine But even like the waves above the bow The world may try to drown you, but it never does, somehow. Oh, no - it never does somehow. Time flies by like a bird up in the sky - Flits and flutters like a spy up on the wire. Maybe it's true - all you've got to do is fight against the wind to make it higher.
On Your Way 04:32
When the clock strikes twelve When they’ve gone away When you’re all alone with nothing left to say When you walk upstairs And you comb your hair And you get ready to go on your way To go on your way When you pack your things And you stare into space When you’re looking out with that grin on your face When it's all gone wrong Don’t you know that I’ll be there So if you need me Won’t you call me? If you need me Won’t you call me? Call me. When you look ahead And the road is long When you ask yourself how you carry on, eh When you’re thinking back on the days before Where did the time go? And if you need me Can you call on me? Oh, if you need me Won’t you call me? When the song is through and you got nothing to say So you go on, you go on your way And you close, you close the door


released June 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Sara Niemietz Los Angeles, California

Sara's my name; singing's my game!
I make music and put my soul into it.

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